About Us

Hearing Aid Services PLLC is owned and operated by a licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist in the state of Washington. 

As a licensed professional who has worked in the hearing industry with patients from different backgrounds I was able to discuss and learn just how important functioning hearing aids are to the people wearing them. It can be very isolating not having the ability to join in on conversations with family or friends. Some people just end up withdrawing from conversations because they are not able to contribute due to their hearing loss. That is why I wanted to build something that would give a hearing aid wearer more power and control over the function of their hearing aids. Whatever the case may be whether you have to drive a considerable amount to get to your hearing aid provider, you are working during the hours you provider office is open, or your provider office is booked out so far that it would be weeks or months before you are able to get in Hearing Aid Services is here to pick up the little extra care your hearing aids may need. 

Hearing Aid Services PLLC offers repairs for hearing aids. For a repair you can ship your hearing aid to us we will repair it and ship it back to you. If this is a service you are interested in please read the item description carefully.

Hearing Aid Services PLLC also offers supplies for hearing aids including waxguards for different hearing aid brands. These supplies when used regularly can help you keep your hearing aids clean and functioning optimally. 

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