How long will hearing aid repair take?

Typically hearing aid repairs will take about 2 weeks once received by hearing aid services PLLC.  During this time the hearing aid will be repaired and shipped back to sender. Weather and other circumstances can delay shipping services.

How much does a hearing aid repair cost?

There is a range of costs for a hearing aid repair. Factors that effects the price include warranty status and age of the hearing aid. For more information navigate to the repair form page.

Why can’t you repair hearing aids bought from Costco?

Some hearing aids bought from Costco were specifically made to be sold and   Serviced by Costco. For this reason it is difficult for entities outside of Costco to offer repairs for these hearing aids. If you need a repair for your Costco bought hearing aid you should return to Costco for it.

How do I know if my hearing aid is under warranty?

When a hearing aid is purchased that information is commonly provided with general information about the hearing aid such as make and model. Most hearing aid manufacturers will provide 1 to 3 year warranties on their hearing aids. If you are unsure you should contact your hearing aid provider. 

How do I know if my hearing aid needs repair?

If you have experienced a decrease in sound quality, are hearing unusual or abnormal sounds from your hearing aid, or it has ceased to function. In some cases a general cleaning of a hearing aid can restore function. If a general cleaning such as changing the waxguard does not resolve the issue it is time to send your hearing aid in for repair.

Can I repair my hearing aid myself?

It is not recommended to try and repair a hearing aid on your own. Hearing aids are complex devices that can be difficult to repair. Attempting to repair the hearing aid on your own can increase damage to the hearing aid.